We were established in 2003 with a simple brief – to provide specialist legal services in IP, Technology Law and Commercial Contract Law

That simple brief has proven successful with clients of all sizes. We act for startups, who need specialist support often on tight budgets, and we also act for global organisations who are able to cherry pick
legal advisors who meet their stringent needs for legal excellence coupled with efficiency and commerciality. There are common threads to those client requirements, which we have broken down into 4 inter-related elements


The work we do falls into three core areas – intellectual property, technology/internet law and commercial contracts.

That focus allows us to provide leading support and advice in those areas, advising clients on the latest developments both legally and commercially.

Clients benefit from clear, pragmatic, specialist legal advice and support, which is always focused on achieving our client’s commercial objectives.

Through a network of relationships with other specialist practices, such as employment of corporate, we are able to provide clients with a rounded service but our core specialisms form the basis for our long-standing and close relationships with our clients.


Excellence is the objective in all we do – in how clients are treated, in the responsiveness of our support, the standard of our advice and the achievement of our clients’ commercial objectives.

There are lots of law firms out there, claiming excellence in various different respects. If we simply make the same claims, would you believe us?

In truth, it’s not a question for us but rather one for our clients. The acid test is whether we have met or exceeded their expectations. See the bottom right of the page for a few of the things our clients have had to say about us over the last few years.


We are here to help clients achieve their commercial objectives, through the provision of pragmatic legal advice and support – whether through advice at the outset of a project, the negotiation of contract terms or instigating or defending claims.

We work closely with clients and for many we act effectively as in-house counsel, spending time with legal and commercial teams, understanding the needs and commercial drivers of the business, as well as the key risk factors.

That takes time but it is time well spent because clients benefit from advice which is informed, balanced and focused on the objectives of the business.

Achieving that means our clients succeed and, consequently, so do we. It’s one of the main reasons clients come back to us again and again.


Being based outside London, we are not saddled with the huge overheads carried by equivalent London firms.

Our overheads are low and we look to pass on those savings and efficiencies to our clients – without compromising on levels of service.

Discerning clients understand it is simply no longer necessary to look to central London for legal support and they understand the same or better levels of legal support are available from specialist firms like ours at much more cost effective rates.

Increasingly, clients come to us to find the right balance of service and support.

Our know-how, documents, training and other resources are provided by the UK’s leading legal support organisations. It’s an important principle of our practice that our efficiencies don’t compromise standards.


Our go-to firm for all things trademark and brand protection and crucial member of our team

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