IT/Tech and internet issues are core to our practice. They complement and overlap with our IP work, particularly in the areas of copyright and licensing, which is closely related to the software work we do.

We advise a diverse range of clients in the IT/Tech sectors, as well as leading online business

Our clients include software/website developers, software vendors and users, hardware manufactures, hosting providers, data centre operators, online retailers and providers of online services, such as payment processors. The work we do varies but includes the following:-

  • Software licensing
  • App terms & conditions
  • Software/website development agreements
  • Cloud terms
  • Hardware development agreements
  • Managed services agreements
  • Co-location and data center agreements
  • Payment processing agreements
  • Online defamation disputes
  • Platform integration agreements
  • Maintenance & support contracts
  • Domain name disputes
  • Service level agreements

We advise on issues relating to online payment, infringement, online contracts, consumer issues, jurisdiction and a range of other matters relating to online trading and online contract formation

We also act for payment processors, ISPs, logistics companies and many others involved in the processing and fulfilment of orders, so we understand the entire chain of relationships involved in making an online business work.

The rate of change in technology means that the nature of what we do is always changing, so even if your needs don’t fall into the above categories, the chances are we can help.


Development of Portal Terms for a leading risk management group

Advising on and drafting Cloud Services Terms for UK cloud provider

Strategy advise regarding international data transfer and related agreement

Advising on domain name dispute under Nominet rules

Drafting Managed Services Agreement for UK IT services provider

Advising on Telecom Supply Agreement from major EU bank

Advising on investment agreement for UK energy supply company

Negotiation and drafting of payment processing agreements

Acting on an online defamation claim for UK charity


Our experience stretches from the very
beginning of online retailing to the massive uplift
in recent years