We provide trade mark services on a worldwide basis.  The majority of our work is in the UK and Europe but we prepare and file applications internationally, either directly or via our network of trusted affiliates.

Whilst the details of the trade mark process vary from country to country, there are 4 main phases clients should consider when addressing their trade mark needs.

This is arguably the most important phase of the trade mark protection process and perhaps the one which gets least attention in practice.

Before you choose a new trade mark or create a new brand, you should check that you are not going to run into trouble with your new mark – either from the relevant trade marks registry or from someone who uses or owns the same or a similar mark.

These issues can be avoided through careful preparation and searching, the cost of which is small by comparison with the costs you may potentially incur if you choose to use a mark which is not free for use.

Assuming your trade mark is cleared for use, the preparation and filing of the trade mark application needs to focus on the correct choice of classes and the careful drafting of the specifications of goods and services in the application to ensure that your interests are properly protected – neither too wide nor too narrow – to ensure your resulting registration protects your business but is not open to unnecessary attack.

We prepare and file trade marks in the UK, the EU and in fact anywhere else you need protection.

Once the trade mark application is prepared and filed, we will see it through the various stages it must go through in the relevant trade marks registry – including examination, advertisement and registration.

If an application is opposed if objections are raised, we will inform you and, if agreed, defend your application and prepare and file evidence on your behalf to see the mark through to registration. Find out more about Objections and Oppositions.

Alternatively, you may need to object to trade mark applications filed by others, including your competitors, or seek the removal of their registrations from the relevant trade marks register.
We can help with all of that and any other issues you may have in prosecuting your trade marks to registration.

Once the registration process is complete, the temptation is to forget about the trade mark and move on with other things – but that rarely happens, particularly with important trade marks.

All too often competitors or other third parties will look to infringe trade mark rights in order to gain an advantage of some kind or, in some cases, to cause damage to your brand.

There’s little point in going through the process and cost of trade mark registration if the resulting registration is not enforced. We can help you protect and enforce your trade mark rights in the UK, the EU or further afield if needed, including litigation and injunctions where applicable. We can operate a watching service, on a worldwide basis if needed, to ensure you are notified of any applications which may threaten or dilute your trade mark interests.


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